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I am DATCH… and You?

DATCH is an eclectic brand of fashion style, sporty, dynamic, casual,
suitable for people of all ages looking for attention to detail and high quality materials.
The new collections of beachwear, underwear and hosiery for men and women
can only fascinate, surprise and amaze you … yes, because DATCH is an
unmistakable choice of taste, to wear and in particular to put on show!

Contact us for more information
about the new Datch collections!



IMMAGINE ITALY Exhibition – Florence 2016

The much awaited DATCH fashion collections for Autumn / Winter 2016 have been presented in a preview at "Immagine Italy & Co".

C.T. opens its retail store with DATCH

Recently, C.T. launched an introductory strategy at the retail point, in which a good potential for development was seen.

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